– This week, well – this morning – Google announced the biggest change and improvement the company made to search in five-years, they said. It is called BERT and impacts 10% of all queries, it began rolling out earlier this week and should be done rolling out by the end of this week. It was probably what we saw with the other algorithm update posts we covered. Google said auto-translation probably won’t result in a manual action. Google is having issues showing images in some recipe rich results. Google seems to be rolling out key moments for videos. SEOs seem to have doubt with Google’s disavow link tool. Google’s French results feel lacking with this new law. Google deprecated the corporate contact markup for knowledge panels. Microsoft Advertising is being redesigned and it is a big change. Google Ads launched responsive ads to all. Google Ads added affinity audiences and seasonal event segments. Google My Business is testing auto-suggested replies for reviews. If you missed the vlog this week, it was with Eric Enge about him selling Stone Temple Consulting to Perficient Digital. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable – and don’t forget to subscribe!

00:48 – Google BERT Update Impacts 10% Queries & Has Been Rolling Out All Week :
4:33 – A Google Search Algorithm Update Rolling Out? :
4:51 – Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update Signals On Wednesday :
5:07 – Google: Auto-Translating Content Won’t Lead To Google Manual Action But… :
5:50 – Google Recipe Rich Results Image Disappearing For Some? :
6:20 – Google Rolls Out Key Moments “In This Video” Timelines :
6:37 – SEOs Have Doubt With Google’s Disavow Link Tool:
7:09 – Google’s Weird Looking French Search Results :
7:33 – Google Corporate Contact Markup For Knowledge Panels Deprecated :
8:15- A Redesigned Microsoft Advertising :
8:51 – Google Ads Responsive Search Ads Officially Live :
9:09 – Google Ads New Affinity Audiences & Seasonal Event Segments :
9:25- Google My Business Tests Auto Replies For Reviews :
9:50 – Vlog #21: Eric Enge On Founding Stone Temple Consulting & Selling It To Perficient Digital :