Google announced a product review algorithm update on the 8th April 2021 a new Search algorithm update called ‘the product reviews update’ . This update is “designed to better reward” product reviews that “share in-depth research, rather than thin content that simply summarizes a bunch of products,”

Basically, product reviews that do not meet the user’s needs or expectations and provide low-value content.

An example I use in this video… An article I found called (15 Plastic Rabbit hutches ) which has mostly wooden rabbit hutches featured not plastic and images of rodents not even Rabbits.

In the video, I show you what I think could be the future. Quality data drive, straight to the point content from Income School. ( Link to their channel below )

I challenge everyone to start thinking out of the box with their content.

I’m guilty of having poor quality product reviews. It’s something I’m going to change in the future.

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