– This week in search, I go into more detail on the search algorithm and ranking changes we are noticing. I discuss how my original theory on featured snippets was wrong. I also talk about Google’s stern warning and reminder that articles for links is a bad thing. Google said there is such a thing as over optimization and it can hurt. Google said not all ads above the fold are bad. Google Assistant is available on iOS as a standalone app but why not part of the main search app? Google said again, there is no sandbox. Google said there is no limit on the domain diversity. Google has launched a personal search filter. Google tests an “on this page” feature in the snippets. Google is testing a new design for people also search for. Google AdWords is launching the new interface to all advertisers by year of the end. Google Attribution launched this week, it is pretty cool. Google AdWords is beta testing search ads landing pages with AMP. Google is testing hotel price labels on the map. Google My Business will now notify you of when customers upload photos of your local business. Google Analytics is testing a new home feature. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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