– This week in search, I covered a potential Google search algorithm update that I doubt Google will confirm as they said they will only confirm really big updates. Google said if you think you were hit by the Fred update, check the quality section of their guidelines. Google said they won’t be releasing featured snippets analytics because of politics in Google but they are working on voice search analytics. Google said buying links is like throwing money out of the window. Google’s mobile first index is some time away. Google said they may use some desktop signals in their mobile first index. Google said they are rewriting their page speed algorithm for mobile. Google said there are no new machine learning things in search now. Google said their quality algorithms don’t use machine learning in a targeting way. Google said they have a two pronged approach to search spam, ignore vs penalize. Google did roll out their mobile interstitial penalty. Google said there are no changes with the HTTPS ranking boost. Google explained what near duplicate content is. Google said there is an opportunity for SEO in other non-US English language. Google is testing hotel pricing sliders with hotel count graph. Google’s website builder tool is live in Google My Business. Google launched new featured for Gboard for Android. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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