– This week in search, I start by sharing the monthly Google webmaster recap. Google may have done a major update this week, but says it wasn’t Panda or Penguin related. Google partners again with Twitter to bring back tweets to real time search. Google Answers now shows those action links to third-party web sites, a nice move. Google has added their mortgage calculator to the search results. Google updated their reconsideration request documentation. Too many business owners are interested in negative SEO services. Google Webmaster Tools is sending out stats on app deep linking to webmasters. Google Now cards now work with third-party apps. Google Chrome users in the UK are being redirected to US search results? Google AdWords released their bad ad report. Google AdSense “mute this ad” feature now dynamically moves up your content. Even with Matt Cutts on leave, he is still plugged into the Google webmaster and SEO world. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

February 2015 Google Webmaster Report :
Significant Google Search Algorithm Update Yesterday :
Google: The Google Update Was Not Panda Or Penguin :
Google Real Time Search Coming Back With Twitter Deal; Spammers Rejoice :
Google Answers Now Showing Action Links For Third-Party Web Sites :
Google Launches A Mortgage Calculator, Take That Publishers! :
Google Reconsideration Requests Documentation Adds Step-By-Step Instructions, Examples & More :
80% Of Those Solicited Wanted Negative SEO Services :
Google Webmaster Tools Emails For App Deep Linking Impressions & Clicks :
Third-Party Apps In Google Now Cards : Chrome Users Sent To :
Google AdWords Banned Over 200,000 Advertisers In 2014 :
Google AdSense Mute This Ad Now Moves The Content Up :
Matt Cutts Is Still Plugged Into The Search Industry & Google :