– This week in search we had a possible Google algorithm update touch down yesterday, June 27th. Google removed support for social profile markup specifically with the knowledge panels, that might cause an issue for some businesses. Google Search Console added awesome features for mobile-first indexing, they also are sending out notifications of big changes in your top queries placements, Google also added copy and paste features to the toolset. Google had a data delay issue again with Search Console, they said they fixed it but they seem delayed again this morning. Google may bring full page rendered screen shots to Google’s testing tools. Google may be testing bringing back the green ad label on mobile search ads, they also might be testing stackable people also search for buttons. A Google bug led to a featured snippet having zero attribution but in that, Google is not showing favicons on all mobile browsers. Google had another bug with tons of links showing in the right panel featured snippets result. Google’s biggest bug this week was its search engine completely not working for some searchers. Sometimes images in featured snippets can confuse your metrics in Google Search Console. John Mueller of Google said perfectly done site migrations can happen in a day for Google but sometimes it can be scary and must be done super well. GoogleBot does not support HTTP pipelining according to Gary Illyes. Google posted an SEO myth busting video on web frameworks and SEO. Google My Business team is running 2-3 weeks behind in responding to people. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Potential Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On June 27th :
Google Deprecates Support For Social Profile Markup For Knowledge Panels :
Businesses Can No Longer Specify Its Social Media Buttons In Local Panels :
Google Search Console Adds Mobile-First Indexing Information To Reports & Tools :
Google Search Console Alerts: Change In Top Queries For Your Site :
Google Search Console Adds Copy & Search Code :
Google Search Console Coverage Report Suffering 10-Day Delay :
Google Search Console Data Delay Resolved But Google Is Investigating :
Google May Bring Full Page Screenshot Renders To Testing Tools :
Google May Be Testing Bringing Back Green Ad Label :
Google Possibly Testing Stackable People Also Search For Buttons :
Updated: Google Bug Knowledge Panels Without Attribution :
Google: Featured Snippet With Zero Attribution Was A Bug, Not A Test :
Google: We Do Not Show Favicons On Some Browsers :
Google Bug Shows Tons Of Links In Featured Snippets :
Google Search Won’t Return Search Results For Some Searchers :
Google Might Be Testing A Text Based Button In Its Search Box :
Images In Featured Snippets & Google Search Console Rankings Can Confuse You :
Google: Site Migrations Can Take About A Day If Done Correctly :
Google Confirms GoogleBot Does Not Support HTTP Pipelining :
Google SEO Mythbusting Video On SEO Challenges With Web Frameworks :
Google My Business Team Backlog & Experiencing Delays Of 2-3 Weeks :