– This week in search I covered the November 10th Google update that Google has not fully confirmed yet but there is a heck of a lot of chatter around it in the SEO community. Google had a bug with their snippets showing the wrong dates. Google said they are moving from a mobile-first world to an artificial intelligence first world. Machine learning can be used at Google to build new ranking signals out of old ones. Google said if you have a desktop site and an AMP site but no mobile version, Google’s mobile-first index will pick by default the desktop site. But if you force Google to use your AMP site, make sure your content and links are on that version too. Google has revamped their article structured markup documentation. Google added the ability to filter AMP vs non AMP in the search analytics report. Google knows about a 130 trillion pages on the internet, that is up about 100 trillion from 4-5 years ago. Google updated their guidelines on recipe markup. Google is beta testing a local restaurant list markup. Google said you can use different formats of markup on the same page, if you want. Google Maps and local reviews now lets users upload photos or videos. Google Search is testing a new interface. Google knowledge graph added likes and dislikes buttons to some. Google AdWords launched their carousel for price extensions. Google AdSense is getting spam in their reports. Bing expanded their Bing Ads Partner program. And a reminder, don’t email Matt Cutts looking to sell him links. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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