– This week in search I cover the pretty big ongoing Google algorithm and ranking shifts, you want to check this out. Google said they do look for spam patterns between Search Console accounts. Google bug dropped the Sitelinks search box, Google is working on fixing it. Google is serving more AMP content on the mobile results now. Google said competition is different in different Google regions. Google said when going HTTPS make sure to do it all at once. Google is testing audience reviews in movie knowledge panels. Google phone call organic extensions are rolling out to more. Google is rolling out local finder website mentions. Google does still support pubsubhubbub, now known as WebSub. Google added an export button to the reports in the beta Google Search Console interface. Google launched their new shopping ads ad units to appease the EU. Google AdWords now allows bulk cancels of accounts. Google AMP testing new faster AMP cache. Apple dropped Bing and went back to Google. Google celebrated their 19th birthday this week! That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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