– This week in search, I covered a potential Google quality search algorithm update that happened earlier this week. RankBrain is cited as being used in virtually all searches now and impacts the search results “a lot,” according to Google. Hulu did something that killed their Google organic traffic for a couple weeks but all is good now. Google said product pricing is not an organic ranking factor. Google said hosting the same content on multiple child sites dilutes everything. Google said with authorship gone, it doesn’t mean they know who is the author of a piece of content. Google Maps is testing a video chat based verification method. Google keyword planner bugs caused a ton of confusion. Google has new partner badges. Google now may show images in the people also search for area. Google is testing larger font sizes for titles in the search results. Google India launched their english vs hindi toggle. Google is testing a speed test tool in the search results. eBay launched 8 million of their pages in AMP. Google does tons of code commits per day. Google+ celebrated it’s fifth anniversary this week. That was this week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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