– This week was pretty busy, we had an unconfirmed Google algorithm update. Google updated their search quality raters guidelines, removed them from being downloaded, added them back – oh, and John Mueller hasn’t read them yet. Google AdWords is now officially Google Ads of this week, they used a 302 redirect. Google launched speakable annotations, which brings news publishers to Google Assistant. Google bolstered their event search results. Google said they can combine URLs before they even index them. Chrome 68 is out, which means all HTTP sites are labeled as not secure. Google dropped the public method to submit URLs to them. Google is showing the people also ask box to more and more searchers. Google said word count isn’t indicative of quality. Google said they do not use sentiment in search rankings. Google said sometimes SEOs make up theories to suit their agenda. Google also said they do not have time to debunk all of those theories. Google is ranking their dictionary feature above The Free Dictionary for their brand name, Google image search is tested the tiled white look on desktop. Google launched a white local panel design. Google hotel search shows price insights and is testing a new search results look. Google Ads launched a new ad URL parameter tool. This week, we lost Jordan Kasteler and the community is devastated. Finally, there is a great conversation going on about depression in our industry. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Search Algorithm Update Saturday July 21st? :
Google Updated Quality Raters Guidelines On July 20th :
Google Has Removed The Quality Raters Guidelines PDF :
Google’s John Mueller Hasn’t Read The Updated Quality Raters Guidelines :
Google AdWords Officially Redirects To Google Ads :
Google Speakable Annotations With Structured Data For Publishers :
Google Events Rich Results Boosts Events Search Results :
Google Can Combine URLs Before Crawling :
Screen Shot: Google Chrome Now Labels HTTP URLs As Not Secure :
Google To Drop Public Submit To Index Tool :
Google “People Also Ask” Search Feature Jumps 35% :
Google: Word Count Isn’t Indicative Of Quality :
Google: We Do Not Recognize Sentiment In Search Ranking :
Google: Some SEOs Make Up Theories To Fit Their Agenda :
Google: Debunking SEO Theories & Myths Is Not Scalable :
Google Shows Their Dictionary Widget For Branded Free Dictionary Query :
Google Image Search Tests White Tiled Design & Layout :
New Google White Local Panel Design :
Google Hotel Search Tests Price Insights :
Google Tests New Hotel Search Results Design :
Google Ads Updates Landing Page Parameters Options :
Search Community Heart Broken Over Loss Of Jordan Kasteler :
#SEOChat Opens Up On Depression Within The Search Industry :