– I did this video outside a hotel in St. Louis right by a highway, so I apologize for the quality – I also exported it lower resolution so I can upload it on my slow internet speed. Google seems to be doing a search ranking algorithm update, it started about 36 hours ago. Google also has started penalizing domain leasing sections of sites, as they warned. Google said penalties can follow you even without redirects. Bing Webmaster Tools now lets you import you Google Search Console verified sites with a click of a button. Bing Places also syncs with Google My Business. Google Search Console removed some API features. Google has confirmed the featured snippets that anchor and highlight on desktop chrome. Google is no going to support the noindex in robots.txt starting September 1st. Google’s Danny Sullivan reacted to DuckDuckGo’s allegations, finally. Google said two waves of indexing is becoming less vital over time. Google is testing a new ad label, more spelled out. Google Ads launched seasonality adjustments for smart bidding. Google My Business added new service options for some industries. Google Image search removed the exact size and larger than size tool. Google AdSense is trying to improve ad quality which might impact some of your revenue. I posted the 13th vlog with Joy Hawkins this week on local ranking factors. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Signs Of A Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On August 29th :
Google Begins Penalizing Domain Leasing :
Moving To A New Domain To Escape A Google Penalty Might Not Work Says Google :
Bing Webmaster Tools Lets You Verify Your Site Using Google Search Console :
Bing Places Also Lets You Import Your Google My Business Listings :
Google Search Console API Removes App Indexing Features :
Google Confirms Featured Snippets Anchors & Highlights Feature On Desktop :
Google: Noindex Robots.txt Directive Won’t Work After September 1st :
Google Reacts To DuckDuckGo On Why Not To Use Google Search :
Google: Two Waves Of Indexing Less Vital & Going Away :
Google Ads Tests Green “Advt.” Label :
Google Ads Now With Seasonality Adjustments For Smart Bidding :
Google My Business Adds New Service Options For Some Industries :
Google Image Search Removes Exact Size & Larger Than Tools :
Google AdSense Adds More Methods To Improve Ad Quality :
Vlog #13: Joy Hawkins On Local Ranking Factors, Google Maps & Local SEO :