– I am back after skipping two shows due to sickness but I try to catch you up in this one video. We may have had a Google algorithm update on Monday. Google did launch their mobile interstitial penalty but it seems to be rolling out very slowly because not many sites got hit yet, although sites that did get hit were hit hard. Google said the mobile-first index isn’t launching any time soon. Google confirmed the link operator is now fully dead. Google explained what crawl budget means in detail. Google said do nofollow links to bad sites. Google said international targeting doesn’t hurt your visibility in other countries. Google local pack has shopping ads in them now. Google AdWords won’t let you add or edit your ads in standard text ad format starting on the 31st. Bing added ad extension scheduling. Google is testing a web site builder tool in the Google My Business center. Google AdSense launched an ad balancer slider. Google Android app lets you search offline. Matt Cutts officially resigned from Google and is the director of engineering at USDS now. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Algorithm Update On January 16th, MLK Day? :
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Google Intrusive Interstitials Mobile Penalty Having Minimal Impact :
Google Intrusive Interstitials Mobile Penalty Does Hurt :
Google Mobile-First Index Not Launching Too Soon :
Google: The Link Operator No Longer Works :
Google: Crawl Rate & Crawl Demand = Crawl Budget :
Google: Use Nofollow When Linking To Bad Sites :
Google: International Targeting In Search Console Doesn’t Reduce Visibility In Other Countries :
New: Google Local Pack Showing Google Shopping Ads :
Google AdWords To Only Allow Add/Edit Extended Text Ads Starting January 31st :
Bing Ad Extensions Scheduling Feature :
Google Testing Google My Business Web Site Builder Tool :
Google AdSense Launches Ad Balance Slider To Show Less Ads :
Google Android App Offline Search :
Matt Cutts Officially Resigns From Google :