– Another busy week in search where we had a possible Google search ranking algorithm update on Wednesday. Google said they will index all new unknown sites to them using mobile-first indexing by default starting on July 1st. Google fixed their indexing issue from Thursday night and if you are still having issues then it is unrelated to any bugs with Google. SEOs are having a blast with the favicons in the mobile search resulted. Google is already penalizing or removing favicons that don’t comply with their guidelines. The local pack ad icon looks even worse. But Google hints that the favicon removals may be automated, but I am not sure. Google said they will be notifying non-mobile-first indexing sites of problems they need to fix, but may expand that to sites already in mobile-first indexing that may also have problems. Google implied that the August 1st core update from last year may have been somewhat focused on medical content. Google said they are working on fixing their issues with search quality in some countries. Google launched their 3D image object feature on mobile with AR support and it is fun. LinkedIn admitted they got hit by the February 2017 Phantom update. Google is likely not removing the disavow tool despite some rumors. Google can crawl web workers but be careful. Chrome’s omnibox is now showing image thumbnails for search suggestions. Google is now letting restaurants add popular dishes. Google has been updating their developer docs. Google AdSense is making some big changes including removing text only ads. Google AdSense also has stopped showing tons of ads for publishers. Google has launched 15 conferences in India to help webmasters. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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