– This week in search, I covered a largish Google search algorithm ranking update over last weekend. Also, we are noticing huge shifts in the mobile search results, maybe it is mobile first related? Google’s Gary Illyes said how we can see if Google is testing the mobile first index. Google said they do use off-site sentiment analysis for rankings. Google said it can be harmful to prune content. Google said there may be value to broken links building. Google said comments on your site is better than sending them to social. Google strongly encourages those using Flexible Sampling to use the markup that goes with it. Google said featured snippets are evolving and changing. Google can penalize sites abusing date bylines. Google said Cyrillic scripts do not impact rankings that much. Google will be making short SEO videos again. Most SEOs don’t use log files for SEO work and most don’t think black hat SEO is dying. Google AdWords can now spend twice your daily budget. Giphy got hit by Google after bragging. Google is hiring new webmaster trends analysts. Danny Sullivan is now a Googler, he is working at Google. Reminder, this was pre-scheduled and published today. That was this week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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