– This week in search, I posted my monthly Google webmaster report, check it out. Google may have done a larger search quality update this week on February 7th. A Google bug showed desktop URLs in the mobile results. Google is testing a way to report offensive autocompletions. Google won’t tell us which links they discount because of spam reasons. Moz is skeptical over the accuracy of the Google Search Console reports. Google Data Studio now connects with Google Search Console. Search Console also sent out alerts to upgrade your WordPress and Joomla CMS. Google said they pick HTTPS in their duplicate clustering algorithm. Google said site moves are a pain but do it anyway. Google still uses PageRank for rankings. Google may show ratings even for one review. Google launched hotel rich cards. Google has a new top carousel for expanded queries. Google AMP makes it easier to find and share the canonical URL. Google AdWords retired converted clicks next month. Google AdWords said you can manage 85,000 client accounts in an MCC. Google won a court case of an SEO firm who sued them for delisting their clients. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

February 2017 Google Webmaster Report :
Google Search Algorithm Update February 7th :
Google Bug Shows Desktop URLs In Mobile Results :
Google Tests Method To Report Autocomplete Suggestions :
Google Won’t Tell Webmasters Which Links They Do Not Count For Spam Reasons :
Moz Skeptical Over Accuracy Of Google Search Console Reports :
Google Data Studio Integrates With Google Search Console :
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One Review Gets You Stars In The Google Local Pack :
Google Launches Hotel Rich Cards :
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Google AMP Makes It Easier To Discover & Share The Canonical URL :
Google AdWords Retiring Converted Clicks In March :
Google AdWords MCC Account Can Manage 85,000 Client Accounts :
US Court Sides With Google Over Penalizing Web Sites For Spam & Guidelines Violations :