– This was a pretty busy week, we may have had a Google search algorithm update this week and maybe, just maybe, Forbes got hit hard by it. Google is probably going to revert the favicon and black ad label user interface, lots of tests are going on now. Bing hides the ad label as well, it isn’t just Google. I posted a summary of everything you need to know about the Google feature snippet deduplication change, including Google might be giving us performance data on them, images in featured snippets may change, Google will move the right side featured snippet to the top and until then it stopped deduplicating the right side feature snippets. Google Search Console launched a new removals tool with a few set of features. Google may have issues indexing international pages. Google says they treat links in PDFs as nofollowed links but that contradicts earlier statements. Google said schema markup will continue to get more complicated. Google said do not translate your image URLs. I shared a fun people also ask that looks like an ad, but is not an ad. Google Assistant Actions do not give you a ranking boost. Google is still using Chrome 41 as the user agent when requesting resources but not for rendering. Google Ads switched all campaign types to standard delivery. Google My Business suspensions are at an all time high. Google Chrome is testing hiding URLs for the search results page. Google is hiring an SEO. I posted two vlogs this week, one with Thom Craver and one with Lisa Barone. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

We Got Chatter: Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update & Fluctuations (0:25)
Did Forbes Google Search Traffic Just Completely Die? (0:56)
Google May Revert Favicons & Black Ad Label On The Desktop Search Results (1:28)
Microsoft Advertising Ads Label In Bing Search Blend With Organic Also (2:32)
Everything You Need To Know About The Google Featured Snippet Deduplication Change (2:49)
Google May Give Use Featured Snippets Reports In Search Console; Maybe… (3:30)
Google Considers Changes To Image Section In Featured Snippets (4:27)
Google Moving Right Side Featured Snippet To Top Position (5:01)
Google Right Side Featured Snippet No Longer Deduplicated – For Now… (5:30)
New: Google Search Console Removals Tool (6:06)
Google Search Console Report Colors Updated (6:45)
Google May Have Issues Correctly Indexing Ikea’s International Pages (6:58)
Did Google Just Say Links In PDFs Treated As Nofollow Links? (7:26)
Google: Schema Markup Won’t Get Any Easier; Will Get Harder (7:55)
Google: Do Not Translate Image File Names To Local Language (8:26)
Fun: Google People Also Ask Sponsored Ads; Not Really (8:44)
Google: Google Assistant Actions Does Not Help You Rank Higher In Search (9:06)
New GoogleBot Username Crawling But Chrome 41 Still Visible For Requesting Resources (9:22)
Google Ads Switches To Standard Delivery For All Campaign Types (9:51)
Tons Of Google My Business Suspensions (10:17)
Google Chrome In Google Search Tests Hiding URLs In URL Bar (10:36)
Work For Google As An SEO (11:01)