– This week was fairly slow until today, when we reported on an algorithm update that seems to have hit links. I go into if it was Penguin or some other link algorithm in the video. Google Japan confirmed they pushed out a Japanese specific update targeting low quality pages. Google released an API for the mobile-friendly testing tool. Google AMP is now shown for 70% of Google News results, that is up from about 30%. Google said they will not ditch the site command feature. Google may have some false positives for the mobile interstitial penalty. Googlers really do not like the “read more” button to show more content. Google added a preview button to preview your structured data in the testing tool. Google is asking for feedback on HTTPS migrations that went bad. Google AdWords is pushing out the new user interface. Google is testing automatically creating new ads for you, they call it Ads by AdWords. Google AdWords updated their IF functions and default values. Google is showing a lot more carousel in the local results. Google is showing an answers promotion box in the local panel. Google has a new status for temporary closed. Google offered tips on managing user generated spam. Google News dropped the sharable sections. Google has a new section for hacked sites support. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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