– This week in search, Google confirmed they did many minor updates around the time of what I called the Maccabees update. I analyzed it and it seemed to target keyword permutations and low quality, high ad web sites and more. Google’s John Mueller said he would nofollow all guest blog post links, even ones that are high quality. Google has started new short webmaster videos named “SEO Snippets.” Google posted tips on the mobile first index. Google rebranded the rich snippets to rich results and launched a new tool. Google doesn’t find it useful to crawl outside of the US. Google had a bug with their Search Analytics report in Search Console. Google talked about trailing slashes for URLs. Google said PWAs do not have a ranking benefit in Google. Google answered questions on IPv6 and HTTP/2. Google’s new SEO starter guide doesn’t have sections for page speed and HTTPS. Google is testing favicons in search results icon. Google AdWords is testing showing images from landing pages in their ads. Google overtook Facebook in referrer traffic. Eric Schmidt is stepping down from his executive chairman position at Google. The search community honored Doc Sheldon, Michelle Robbins, Jim Boykin, Cindy Krum and Mary & Dave Davies this week. That was the search news as we covered it at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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