– I got my normal camera back and with it, we went to London – again, let me know your thoughts on the camera and if you want a specific background. I covered two Google algorithm updates, a bigger one on June 23rd and a smaller one over the weekend – Google did not confirm these. Google also fixed an issue with indexing Disqus comments. Google said again it does not measure EAT and John Mueller explained that adding structured data won’t tell Google that your site is trustworthy, authoritative or an expert on the topic. Google is going to be doing some sort of new integration between Google Analytics and Search Console. Google says you cannot control where GoogleBot crawls you from. Google Posts now disallows political or social commentary and personal rants. Google added ClaimReview schema support to Google Images Search, so you can get those fact labels on there. Google is testing how to schema on desktop, this time with image thumbnails. Google expanded business messaging in local and search. Google also shows expanded hours in search for businesses. Google Ads updated the test my site tool, added feeds in apps, deep linking and new ad reports. Google is sunsetting the Google Partners Acceleration program. Google is testing people also search for ads carousels on desktop. Google ads is moving some targeting options to target impression share strategy. And Google said one percent of queries in Australia were news related. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

(00:00) Introduction
(0:36) A Big Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update Happening Now? :
(1:14) Google Search & Discover Algorithm Ranking Update Over Weekend :
(1:24) Google Fixed The Disqus Indexing Issues :
(2:23) Google: We Don’t Explicitly Measure EAT In Search :
(2:54) Google: Structured Data Does Not Help Us Trust Authority Or Expertise Of Content :
(4:02) Google Search Console & Google Analytics New Integrated Reports Beta? :
(4:37) Google: You Cannot Control Where Google Crawls You From :
(5:04) Political & Social Commentary Or Personal Rants Not Allowed On Google Posts :
(5:40) Google Fact Labels On Image Search Results With ClaimReview Schema :
(6:14) Google How To Schema On Desktop, Now With Images :
(6:28) Google Expands Business Messages In Search & Local :
(7:06) Google Expanded More Hours Now In Direct Answers :
(7:44) Google Ads Tools: Test My Site, Feeds In App, Deep Linking & Ad Destination Report :
(8:20) Google To Sunset Google Partners Acceleration Program :
(8:46) Google People Also Search For Ads Carousel Now On Desktop :
(9:05) Google Ads Moving Some To Target Impression Share Strategy :
(9:31) Google: One-Percent Of Australian Queries Are News Related :