– This week we had another possible but still unconfirmed Google search ranking update. Google said they do not penalize for weird brand or site names. Google said it is a myth that it prioritizes AMP pages in search. Google is sending out Search Console notices about event markup issues. Google now has a changelog for its search developer documentation. Bing added a microsite to promote its URL and content submission API. SEOs are claiming declines in organic traffic due to the coronavirus. Google shared a document on how to pause your online business. Google Ads provided advice on how to manage your campaign during this crisis. Bing now supports SpecialAnnouncements schema. Google My Business added a temporarily closed button, shared issues about its slow down, gave tips to healthcare facilities, added delivery and takeout options for restaurants, suspended local reviews and Q&A all during this COVID-19 outbreak. Google said it does not make sites with manual actions wait longer to be reprocessed. Google said there is no need to disavow every link. Google said there is no such thing as two waves of crawling or indexing. Google is testing a colorful more button in search. Google is testing the magnifying glass for searches related to. Google Ads report editor now supports up to 100 accounts. I released two vlogs this week, one with Max Prin and the other with Hamlet Batisa. Hope everyone is staying safe and everyone feels well. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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Google Search Ranking Algorithm Volatility (0:20)
Google Does Not Penalize For Weird Brand Or Product Names (0:48)
Google Says It’s A Myth That It Prioritizes AMP Pages In Google Search (1:11)
Google Search Console Sends Out Notices Of Event Markup Issues (1:25)
Google Changelog For Google Search Developer Documentation (1:48)
New Bing Microsite For Bing’s URL & Content Submission API (2:13)
SEOs Claiming Organic Search Traffic Declines Due To COVID-19 (2:41)
Google On How To Technically Pause Your Online Business (3:09)
Google Ads Advice Through COVID-19 (4:08)
Bing Now Supports SpecialAnnouncement Schema (4:50)
Google My Business Adds Mark As Temporarily Closed Option (5:03)
Google My Business Not Functioning Properly During COVID-19 Crisis (5:11)
Google My Business Offers Tips For Clinics & Medical Offices (5:29)
Google Allowing Restaurants Add Delivery Available Or Takeout Available To Business Name (5:35)
Google Suspends Local Reviews & Q&A During Coronavirus Outbreak (5:55)
Google: We Don’t Make Sites With Manual Actions Wait Longer For Reviews (6:07)
Google: There Is No Need To Include Every Link In Your Disavow File (6:41)
Google: No Such Thing As Two Waves Of Indexing Or Crawling (7:07)
Google Search More Button Showing In Different Colors (7:27)
Is Google Bringing Back Magnifying Glass To Searches Related To Section? (7:45)
Google Ads Report Editor Now Supports Up To 200 Accounts (8:06)
Vlog #56: Max Prin on Technical SEO & PWAs (8:29)
Vlog #57: Hamlet Batista On Scaling SEO Through Technology & How To Automate Your SEO (8:37)