This week, we reported about a possible Google search ranking algorithm update brewing, after weeks of calmness. Google Ads may be mass disapproving ads, although Google says it is not. Google Search Console crawl stats report is missing a day of data. Google Ads reporting delay caused a lot of advertiser confusion. Google seems to be processing the Google Discover and Google News manual actions quickly. Google said there is not snippet wide ban in Google Search. Google Ads Editor will gain performance max campaign support in the next version. Google has no plans for a keyword tab in performance max but will bring negative keywords to the account level. Google Ads has a new destination not accessible policy. Google Ads now will create more ad extensions for you. Google Ads also said it needs at least 15 conversions in 30 days for machine learning to do its job. Microsoft Advertising expanded into 29 countries and 19 languages. Google AdSense launched related search for content pages. Google Business Profile manager seems to have dropped the appointment links. Google Business Profiles has a new API to get call history. Google is dropping the follow and welcome offers feature in local search. Google Ads is testing large site link block designs and Google is testing double site names in the search snippets. Google is asking searchers if they own the product before they review it. And guess what, 15% of all queries Google sees each day are still new. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

0:00 – Introduction
1:01 – Is Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update Coming Soon? :
2:53 – Google Ads Disapproving & Suspending Accounts In Masses? :
4:08 – Google Search Console Crawl Stats Report Missing A Day :
4:37 – Google Ads Reporting Delay Bug Causes Advertiser Confusion :
5:13 – Google Quickly Processing Discover & Google News Manual Actions :
6:06 – Google: There Is No Snippet Wide Ban :
7:46 – Google Ads Editor To Gain Performance Max Campaigns In Next Release :
8:09 – Google: No Plans For Keyword Tab In Performance Max But Negative Keywords Are Coming :
8:22 – New Google Ads Destination Not Accessible Policy :
8:58 – Google Ads To Create & Show More Ad Extensions In Search :
9:04 – Google Ads Needs At Least 15 Conversion In 30 Days For Machine Learning To Work Better :
9:21 – Microsoft Advertising Expands, Now In 29 New Countries :
9:31 – New Google AdSense Related Search For Content Pages :
10:12 – Google Business Profiles Manager Removes Appointment Link :
10:22 – Google Business Profiles New Business Calls API :
10:39 – Google Business Profiles Follow & Welcome Offer Going Away :
11:03 – Google Ads Large Sitelinks Block Design :
11:08 – Google Tests Double Site Name & URL In Search Snippets :
11:14 – Google Search Asks Do You Own This Product Before Reviewing It :
11:31 – Not New: 15% Of Search Queries On Google Are Still New :
12:00 – Conclusion