There was another unconfirmed update on May 16th, about 6 months since the last confirmed Google core update. Spammers killed off the Bing anonymous sitemap submission method. Google will likely replace FID with INP in Core Web Vitals. Google Search Console performance reports now show education Q&A. There may be a new form of knowledge panel spam in Google Search. Google is asking some searchers for more search terms when their query is too short. Google scroll-to-text and highlight now lets some user share that highlighted text. Google shows video thumbnails in the SERPs without the video player being embedded on the page. Google recipe results can be broken into segments in the search results. Google Ads is testing replacing the ads label with a sponsored label. Google hotel results are using reviews for “Things to do” and more. Bing autocomplete search bar also is testing trending searches, related searches and people also ask. 75% of SEOs say you really need your own web site to have good SEO. And Google owned its new campus, the Google Bay View campus and it looks amazing. And I am so sad to report that the industry lost a legend, the mentor to all SEOs, Bill Slawski. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

0:00 – Introduction (and live COVID test)
1:35 – Google Search Ranking Update Monday On May 16th (Unconfirmed) :
2:20 – Spammers Ruined Bing’s Anonymous Sitemap Submissions, Microsoft Deprecated It :
2:58 – Google May Replace FID With INP (Interaction to Next Paint) For Core Web Vitals :
3:53 – Google Search Console Performance Reports Now Shows Education Q&A Rich Results :
4:23 – New Form Of Google Knowledge Panel Spam Or Is This A Simple Google Bug? :
5:04 – Google Asks For More Search Terms When The Query Is Too Short & Generic :
5:35 – Google Search Scroll To Highlight Now Can Share Highlighted Text Via Social, Email, etc :
6:12 – Google Shows Video Thumbnail In SERPs Without Embedding Video On Page? :
7:14 – Google Search Recipe Results Segmented By Type :
7:38 – Google Ads Tests Replacing Ad Label With Sponsored Label :
8:16 – Google Hotel Results Using Reviews For Things To Do & Review Summaries :
8:41 – Bing Autocomplete Search Bar With Trending, Related & People Also Ask :
8:57 – 75% Of SEOs Say Your Own Website Should Have Good SEO To Sell SEO Services :
9:31 – Photos Of The New & Officially Open Google Bay View Campus :
9:55 – The Industry Mourns The Loss Of Bill Slawski: The SEO Mentor To The Community :
11:35 – Conclusion