– This week, we covered a new Google algorithm update that touched down Thursday. Google celebrated their 20th birthday on September 27th. Google Image Search’s algorithm was updated to factor in page authority, placement of image and the freshness of the content. Google Image Search also rolled out a new design to better match the mobile version. Google added support for new copyright based metadata for images. Google expanded the knowledge panel with topic layers to better do dynamic categorization in the search results. Google launched related activities and collections in search. Google Search Console now supports event markup debugging and reporting. Google Search Console performance reports may have a bug with the page filter. Google may have expanded their title tag length in the search results. Did you ever see a double URL in a single Google snippet? Google’s internal search quality meetings have not changed much over the years. Google My Business has added a “family led” attribute to local results. Google My Business does have a video verification process for some. Google Posts expanded the character limit to 1,500 characters. We finished the how has Matt Cutts helped you site with over 150 stories. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Search Algorithm Update On September 27th :
Google’s 20th Birthday Logo Remembers Popular Searches :
Google Images Algorithm Now Uses Page Authority & Image Placement On A Page :
Google Image Search Desktop Redesign Officially Rolls Out :
Google Images Search Adds Creator & Credit Metadata For Image Credits :
Google Topic Layer To Knowledge Graph, Enabling Dynamic Categorization & More :
Google Related Activity & Collections In Search :
Google Search Console Adds Event Markup Report & Sends Notices :
Is The Google Search Console Page Filter Throwing Off Accuracy? :
Report: Google Extends Titles In Snippets From 55 to 67.5 Characters :
Google Double URL In A Single Snippet :
Seems Not Much Has Changes At Google’s Internal Search Quality Meetings :
Google My Business Adds Family Led Attribute Icon :
Here Is Google My Business Video Verification Feature :
Google Posts Now Allows 1,500 Character Posts :
Over 150 Stories At How Matt Cutts Has Helped You – Thank You :