– This week we covered more ongoing tweaks to the Google search algorithms. We also covered the roll out of the new Search Console with 16 months of data, new API data also and more. Google also released their new PageSpeed insights tool that uses real Chrome user data, some sites are seeing an unavailable message. Many Google News publishers saw their sites removed from Google News this week over a bug, most have returned. Google said they never index all URLs on a site. Google said they do discount hidden text on a page. Google is testing a box named latest from the web.” Google said they do use URLs in your sitemap file to determine the canonical URL to show in search. Google said don’t use CSS images if you want to be included in Google Image search. Google search results snippet now may show a carousel of images linked to view all. Google is going to drop the AdWords review extensions. Google AdSense has a new experimental feature for the ad balance tool. Google AMP is working on a solution to show the publishers URL instead of the Google Cache URL. Google may have a bug with the reverse image search feature. Google Assistant launched a lot of new features this week and emailed webmasters to get included. Moz said they wont be updating their search engine ranking factors study. Facebook said they are going to show less content in the news feed from publishers and brands. The search community honored Marty Weintraub, Casie Gillette, Matt Umbro, Gabriella Sannino and JP Sherman this week. That was the search news we covered this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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