– This week in search, I posted my big Google webmaster report, do check it out. There may have been an update on April 4th and I don’t think there was an update on March 30th. Google’s mobile first index seemed to be delayed and might not launch until 2018. Google says there were other updates around the same time as the Fred update. Google explains why they don’t disclose most updates they do. Google launched the fact checking schema in search and Google News worldwide. Did Google penalize the controversial site, Ashley Madison, in November? Google says if you are threatened with negative SEO, use the disavow tool. Google explained why they don’t label no followed or disavowed links in the Google Search Console link report. Google said they need more non-English content, so get writing. Google tests URLs at the top of the mobile results. Google expanded Google Posts to more categories. Google tests knowledge panels without maps. Google local results are now smarter based on your query. Google has a new partner certification for Google Partners, mobile site certification. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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