– This week in search, I explain that this may be the last week I try this new microphone, so let me know. There was some search algorithm shifts early in the week. Google officially changed the yellow ad label to the green version. Google said they ignore keywords in the TLD portion of the domain but is that true? Google added compare in the Search Analytics report. Google told us Panda has not fundamentally changed but that it does still get tweaked. Google said crawl spikes are not a sign of a Google update. Google said rewriting product descriptions will not give you a win in the search results. Google said do not do extended A/B tests, it can confuse GoogleBot. Google said when switching to a CDN, Google needs to relearn how to crawl your site but do let them know about issues you may experience. Google said if you recover from a manual action, you should see the notice within a day or two in the Search Console. Google has field operators to scan your premise’s wifi and other signals to improve Google Maps. Google is dropping the custom date range filter in the search options on mobile. For DMOZ’s 18th birthday, they redesigned and became mobile friendly. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Algorithm Update Brewing? We Got Early Some Chatter. :
It’s Official: Google AdWords Labels Are Going Green :
Google Ignores Keywords/Content In TLDs :
Google Search Analytics Adds Compare Options Across Queries, Pages, Countries, Devices & Search Types :
Google Search Analytics Adds Compare Queries Option :
Google: Panda Has Not Fundamentally Changed But Does Get Ongoing Tweaks :
Google: Crawl Spikes Not A Sign Of An Upcoming Algorithm Updates But… :
Google: Even Quality Algorithms May Wait To Show Webmaster Won’t Repeat Offense :
Google: Rewriting Product Descriptions Won’t Help You Win :
Google: Do Not Do Extended A/B Testing With The Same A/B Test :
Google Crawl Rate May Change With CDNs Because GoogleBot Needs To Learn :
Google: Crawl Rate Change After Switching To CDN? Let Us Know. :
Google Manual Actions Recoveries Will Display In Search Console Within Days :
Google Field Operations Workers May Visit & Scan Your Premises :
Google Mobile Search Dropping Custom Date Range Search Filter :
DMOZ Redesign On 18th Birthday :