– This week in my search video, I try the new microphone one more time – let me know if it is good or bad and I’ll switch it out if it is bad. I ask, are the SEO weather reporting tools broken? Google Zombie traffic may be about a “likely buyers” Google algorithm? I shared my monthly Google webmaster report. Is Google manipulating their auto-complete search suggestions in favor of Hillary Clinton? Google says href lang doesn’t help you rank higher. Google said using keyword specific TLDs doesn’t help you rank either. Google says they do not use social media for rankings. Google repeated, blocking US users will block GoogleBot from crawling. Google said they have no plans for a disavow link debugging tool. Google wants to make spam reporting easier and more fun, believe it or not. Bing Ads now also supports Google’s AdWords expanded text ads. Appel is going to do search ads in the App Store. Bing News launched the PubHub to submit your news site to Bing News. Yahoo is testing a new top search bar, while Google tests a gray home page background. Google is also testing a new style for “people also search for” buttons. Reminder, I am offline Monday and let me know on the voice quality. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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