– This week I covered a possible small Google algorithm update that touched down sometime over the week. Google said you really shouldn’t have to worry about bad links but if you do, you can use the disavow file. Google changed up the AMP error report to be more generic. Google News publishers are still complaining about indexing and ranking. Bing said machine learning helps them make search ranking more human curated like. Google said just because a lot of scrapers take content from your site, it doesn’t mean your site is quality. Google moved some of the old reports in the old Search Console to the new ones. Google fixed the data bug between the old Search Analytics report and the new Performance report. Google rolled out image thumbnails in the related searches section. Google made the URL clickable in the search results snippets. Local SEOs are saying that the Google Posts traffic have drastically declined. Google renamed in Google My Business the communications manager to the site manger. The Google Maps For You Tab is now on iOS devices and expanded to more countries on Android. Google Lens is now on iOS devices. Google is closing down Google+ even soon because of another security issue. Google posted their Year in Search for 2018. I am sorry about the internet issue, the main Wifi router dropped during the recording. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Limited Chatter: Google Search Algorithm Update This Week :
Google: We Don’t Need To Notify You Of Bad Links Because We Just Ignore Them :
Google: More On When To Ignore Bad Links :
Google Search Console AMP Errors Gets More General, Less Specific :
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Google Moved Some Of The Old Google Search Console Reports :
Google: We Fixed The Date Bug Between Performance Reports & Search Analytics Reports :
Google Rolls Out Image Thumbnails In Related Searches :
Google URLs In Search Results Snippets Now Clickable :
Local SEOs Say Google Posts Traffic Significantly Declining :
Google Renamed Communications Manager To Site Manager In GMB :
Google For You Tab Expands To iOS Devices & 130 Countries :
Google Lens Finally On iOS Devices :
Google Expedites Closing Google+ After Another Security Bug :
Google: The Year in Search 2018 :