– This week at the Search Engine Roundtable we covered a post by Google talking about the ten most recent algorithm updates. Google’s Matt Cutts was quotes as saying Panda was first about content farms but is much more than that now. Google is now showing table formats in the snippets. Google added a verbatim search tool. Bing’s spider, BingBot has new IP ranges. The government shut down dozens of mortgage scammers on AdWords. The old AdSense interface is now gone. Google AdSense for Search now has thumbnails. Google has a special logo for Louis Danguerre. One of the search in pictures we did this week was about an Android Themed weeding! And a huge congrats to Matt Cutts for his promotion. That was this week’s news at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google’s Ten Most Recent Search Display & Algorithm Updates :
Google: Panda Goes Beyond Content Farms :
HTML Tables Showing in Google Snippets :
Google Literally Replaces + Operator With Verbatim Tool :
BingBot IP Ranges Updated :
Feds Kick Out Mortgage Scammers On Google AdWords :
Old Google AdSense Interface Now Gone :
Google AdSense Search Now With Images :
Louis Daguerre Google Logo :
Android Themed Wedding :
Matt Cutts: Google Distinguished Engineer :