– This week in search we covered a possible Google algorithm update at the top of this week. I posted the monthly Google webmaster report. Google said they are going to expand AMP pages into the core mobile results. Google has downgraded the structured data error to an information note, as it is no longer required for AMP pages, only for top carousel. Google is sending notifications to go AMP friendly in the Search Console. Google added a help document to define the Search Analytics impressions position and clicks. Google AdWords seems to have finally drop payday loans from the results. Google’s Gary Illyes said PageRank still matters. Google explained how they treat subdomains and subdirectories differently. Google doesn’t have a different Googlebot to crawl JavaScript. Google does recommend you update links pointing to your site when you move domains. A Google Search Console bug set your traffic to show as all desktop for a few days. is now all HTTPS, it was set to HSTS. Google Analytics launched a new public demo account, which is nice to learn from. Yahoo is testing a new search interface. Google and Bing have cool new Rio Olympics search results. Google is doing the Doodle Fruit Games on their home page today. That was this week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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