– This week, we may have had a larger Google update roll out around December 11th, before that a possible Google Analytics bug. Google expanded BERT to 70+ languages but still impacted 1 in 10 of queries for where it is implemented. Google News revamped a bunch of stuff around top stories, it now uses BERT and other machine learning. You also do not need to be included in Google News to show in Google News. That means Speakable markup works for none Google News sites. Google News Publisher Center was updated and news content comes from the web. Google Search Console now reports on errors where you incorrectly tag a URL. Google Search Console now shows more specific errors around job postings. Google will provide more guidelines around pagination with rel=next/prev being gone. Google Translate shows photos for what it is translating. Google is teasing local service ads for realtors. Google is testing the black ad label on desktop for local ads. Google is testing a review carousel in the local pack. Bing does webmaster outreach for crawling issues. Bing has to determine the cost/value of a ranking improvement change. Bing says you need to be okay with not being perfect if you use machine learning. Alexis Sanders made a new SEO game that is fun to play. This weeks’ vlog was with Ben Cook from Perficient Digital on site migrations. That was this week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Recent Google Algorithm Update Chatter May Be Related To An Analytics Bug (0:48)
December 11th Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update Signals (1:11)
Google BERT Now International Supporting Over 70 Languages (2:21)
Google BERT International Launch Still Impacts ~10% Of Queries (3:11)
Google News Submission Not Required, Powered By BERT & New Top Stories Features (3:24)
Google: Speakable Markup Works Outside Of News Content (4:55)
Google News Publisher Center Updated & News Content Now From Web (5:32)
Google Search Console Showing Errors For Incorrectly Tagging URL With RDFa or Microdata (6:27)
Google Search Console Job Postings Errors Adjustments (6:40)
Google To Revise Guidelines Around Rel=next/prev (7:02)
Google Translate In Search Can Show Pictures (7:31)
Google Tests Local Service Ads For Realtors (7:50)
Google Tests Local Pack With Black Ad Label On Desktop (8:13)
Google Tests Review Carousel In Local Knowledge Panel (8:33)
Bing Does Reach Out To Webmasters With Search Issues (8:59)
Bing: Cost & Value Determined In Bing Core Ranking Improvements (9:35)
Bing: To Use Machine Learning; You Have To Be Okay With It Not Being Perfect (10:13)
Fun SEO Role Play Game (10:56)
Vlog #30: Ben Cook On The Wild West Days Of SEO & Enterprise Site Migrations (11:28)