Studies show that 85% of bank customers can’t tell if a bank is safe.
Parking your money with the wrong bank, in an unstable jurisdiction can end in a financial disaster.
I saw multiple investors losing all of their money because of the wrong choice of jurisdiction.

Clients keep asking me the same question.

 How safe is my currency in my country?
 How safe is my money in my bank at home after a global currency reset?
 How safe is my money in a bank during a global recession of financial crisis?
 How to tell if a bank is safe?
 Where are the best countries for offshore banking?

Before choosing a stable jurisdiction and a bank you should watch this video.
This video shows the most important criteria to tell if a bank is safe and if the bank’s jurisdiction is stable.

Parking your assets in an unstable jurisdiction and in a bank which is under-capitalized is a mistake which can end in a financial disaster. One of the most important asset protection strategies is to take a substantial part of the money out of the influence of the authorities at home.

30% of all non-resident bank accounts in the world are managed in Switzerland.
There is no doubt. Swiss banks are the safest banks of the world.
Switzerland is the most reliable and best jurisdiction for asset protection and wealth management.
The country credit rating for Switzerland is Triple A since 1989.

Here is the truth.

Political risks, for example global currency reset, are much more dangerous than you may think.
Your assets should survive a global currency reset.

Financial risks are overrated. Political risks are underrated.

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