First, sorry for the static in the beginning, it stops after 30 seconds. This week, we had another Google search ranking algorithm update to report on, but at least Mordy Oberstein from Semrush proved I am not crazy about reporting on these updates. Google has updated its search quality raters guidelines document, it was last updated about a year ago. Microsoft Bing and Yandex announced IndexNow, an initiative for all search engines to enable instant indexing, but most search engines are not partaking. Google looks to have begun rolling out the things to consider, refine this search and broaden this search features. Google review snippets has a new author name length guideline of 100 characters. Google said different content intents on a site is okay but avoid it on the page level. Google spoke about centerpiece annotations, an internal word they use at Google. Google said authors are not a direct ranking factor. Bing said it checks your XML sitemap file daily. Google asks if you had more exportable data for the Search Console performance reports, how would you use it. Google My Business replaced the “led” attributes with “owned.” Google local is testing purple hears for women owned businesses. Google My Business has a new “crowd” section of attributes. Microsoft Advertising launched health insurance ads. Google has a new policy to prohibit false claims that undermine the democratic process. Google Analytics had a bug on October 18th where an hour of data was lost, and is unrecoverable. A Google survey asks if you’d pay a subscription fee for search results without ads. And Frederic Dubut announced he left Microsoft Bing after 13 years at the company. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – Semrush: Google Search Algorithm Updates Are More Extreme This Year :
1:43 – Possible Google Search Algorithm Ranking Update October 15th – October 18th :
2:12 – Google Updates Search Quality Raters Guidelines On October 19th :
4:15 – IndexNow – Ping Some Search Engines With URLs For Instant Indexing :
5:50 – Google May Be Rolling Out Things To Consider, Refine This Search & Broaden This Search :
6:10 – New: Google Review Snippets Author Name Must Be Less Than 100 Characters :
6:42 – Google: Different Intent Content On A Page Basis Can Confuse, Not Site Level :
7:19 – Google Centerpiece Annotation: Primary Content Of Page & Site :
8:30 – Google: Author Not A Direct Ranking Factor :
9:13 – Bing Checks XML Sitemap File Daily :
9:36 – Google Asks How You’d Use More Exportable Data From Search Console :
10:02 – Google My Business Attributes Replaced Led With Owned :
10:21 – Google Local Tests Purple Heart Label For Women Led Businesses :
10:35 – Google My Business Crowd Attributes For LGBTQ+ Friendly & Transgender Safespace :
10:52 – Microsoft Advertising Launches Health Insurance Ads :
11:03 – New Google Policy Prohibits False Claims That Undermine Democratic Process :
11:19 – Google Analytics Bug Results In Unrecoverable Data Loss On October 18th :
11:45 – Google Survey Asks You If You Want Ad Free Search Results For Paid Subscription :
12:14 – Frederic Dubut Leaves Microsoft After 8 Years Working On Bing :
12:36 – Conclusion