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There are 3 things to know about chiropractic care in a Frederick, MD car accident case:

1. If your injuries involve soft tissue damage (i.e. neck, back), insurance companies will not penalize you if you choose to seek treatment from a chiropractor instead of an orthopedic doctor or physical therapist. If your injuries are not soft tissue, it may hurt your recovery if treatment is not sought immediately and not overseen by an orthopedic doctor.
2. Chiropractor bills are reviewed by your own personal injury attorney. Your attorney determines if the bills are fair and reasonable based on your injuries and treatments performed. In many cases, bills are too high, and if your attorney has a relationship with the chiropractor, oftentimes your attorney is able to work out a reduction in the bills. Remember though, that if you sought chiropractic treatment before hiring an experienced personal injury law firm, you may run into problems with bill reductions.
3. Insurance companies maintain a “bad list” of chiropractors. Insurance companies are sophisticated and are in tune to which chiropractors bill too high and are under investigation. Numerous popular chiropractors have been added to this “bad list” recently, and therefore, it is important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney first. This way, your attorney will assure that you do not go to one of these “bad list” chiropractors.