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Forces and Motion: the Physics of Car Crashes

Duration: 25 minutes / Year: 2015 / Age: 13-18

Bring Newton’s three laws of motion to life with this DVD that uses extraordinary slow motion HD footage filmed during car crash testing to explore how energy is distributed during the fractions of a second when cars crash. The DVD explores ideas of inertia, resultant forces, energy and momentum, but applies it in the real world context of designing air bags, crumple zones and seats to protect the passenger.

Suggested exam board specification links:

-GCS Level-

GCSE Physics – Unit P1.2 – Forces and Their Effects

21st Century Science GCSE Physics A – P4 – Explaining Motion
Gateway Science GCSE Physics B – Module P3 – Forces for Transport

Cambridge _ IGCSE Physics
1.2 – Motion
1.5 – Forces
1.6 – Momentum

International GCSE in Physics – Section 1 – Forces and Motion
GCSE Physics – P2 – Physics for your Future

-As/A2 Level-

AQA – Set A – 4.1.1 Momentum
AQA – Set B – 4.1.1 Momentum
Edexcel – Set A – 4.3.1 Momentum
OCR Physics A – G484 Newton’s Laws and Momentum