Attorney Aaron Watson is a personal injury and car accident lawyer Pensacola Florida, which is located West Florida attorney Watson has been handling personal injury and car accident cases for nearly 10 years and Pensacola Florida. Attorney Watson is the owner and founder of watsonfirm located in both Pensacola Florida and Fort Walton Beach Florida. Attorney Watson has recovered millions in verdicts and settlements for car accidents, truck accidents, and other negligence causes of action. This video, attorney Watson explains the Florida no-fault statutes, also called Florida law. Under Florida law, regardless of fault, both drivers must have insurance benefits called no-fault benefits. Under Florida law, those benefits are required to pay out up to $10,000 if ever the insured is involved in an automobile accident, regardless of who calls the car accident. A lot of times drivers ask why their own automobile insurance carrier has to pay anything, because the car accident. Under Florida law first $10,000 must be paid out by your own auto insurance company, regardless of fault after the no-fault benefits are exhausted, the negligent driver’s bodily injury fits become available to pick them involved in the car accident. Personal injury protection benefits, also called PIP benefits are very important. Personal injury protection benefits paid for past medical expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, and even services needed such as housecleaning and long work after a car accident. It is very important that drivers maintain records of mileage going back and forth to the doctor, as no-fault benefits will reimburse for that mileage. It is also important that drivers keep receipts for any out-of-pocket expenses. Those receipts can be submitted to your own insurance company for reimbursement. After a car accident, drivers should report the car accident to their own insurance company so that a no-fault claim can be opened up on their behalf. Additional perk of no-fault benefits, is that those benefits will pay out a lot quicker than the defendants bodily injury insurance benefits. A claim under the PIP benefits can be reimburse within a couple days. A claim against the defendant could take several months and sometimes years. If you have any questions about Florida no-fault law Florida PIP law