Do you need a car accident lawyer in Clearwater or New Port Richey? There are 4 key steps you should take after a car accident. Most importantly, choosing the right car accident attorney in Florida is as important as selecting the right doctor. We ensure our clients are fully represented and receive the best healthcare and legal services possible.

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What to do after a car accident that was not your fault:

1. Call the police – This helps to ensure that all the information you need is gathered (insurance information, record of the accident, any dashcam videos)
2. Take photos – Snap pictures of your car and the other person’s car to help establish a record of any property damage. You should also take some pictures of the general scene of the accident & any landmarks nearby.
3. Gather the contact information of witnesses – This will help to ensure that all witness information is recorded and witnesses can be contacted in the future. Unfortunately, sometimes witness information doesn’t end up on the accident report which makes it difficult to call or email witnesses if it is necessary.
4. Seek medical treatment – This helps to establish a record of your injuries & a timeline of when the injuries were sustained.