Car accident attorney Jack Hill of the law firm of Searcy Denney breaks down the essential Florida car insurance policies and dispels common misconceptions.

A car insurance policy can be broken down to two main categories: damage to property and damage to people. Within those two broad categories of are many different kinds of coverage that apply to one or the other, depending upon what happened to cause the damage. Adding to the complexity is the fact that you can purchase different amounts of coverage for each of those different kinds of coverage, whether it’s people or property.

Florida requires all motorists to have drivers insurance, yet the many policy holders quickly find that their policy provides little protection in the event of an accident. The law doesn’t require very much in terms of the coverages for that car insurance and only requires essentially two things:

– Personal injury protection and the amount of $10,000
– Property damage

Florida law does not require anyone to have bodily injury coverage at all.

If you are considering purchasing car insurance, buy as much uninsured motorist coverage as you can. Insurance companies are required by law to offer you uninsured motorist coverage. If you were hurt in an automobile accident and the other driver didn’t have sufficient or any bodily injury coverage, you may be left with medical bills that don’t get paid and lost wages that don’t get compensated because you haven’t purchased uninsured motorist coverage.

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