Finance and consulting are among the two most popular business roles out of school. Both paths are highly coveted for their exit opportunities, salary potential, and exposure to business strategy. In this video, we’ll explain what these paths commonly look like, how the salary trajectories differ, and what the exit opportunities are.

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0:00 – Overview of Finance and Consulting
4:09 – Investment Banking vs. Consulting Salaries
6:28 – Optionality and Exit Opportunities
8:31 – Expected Value of Recruiting

Peak Frameworks is a business career prep service started by Matt Ting and Patrick Fong, who have each spent several years working in investment banking and private equity in New York and Silicon Valley. Matt and Patrick met at Evercore, a top tier investment bank, and over the years have tutored and coached dozens of candidates to land their dream business job.

Matt Ting:
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