One of the most common questions after a car accident is, “Do I need to report my car accident to my insurance company?” You should always file an auto insurance claim with your car insurance company after an accident. Not doing so violates your insurance agreement, and reporting the accident may protect you.

You should exchange insurance information with the other driver. Making an auto insurance claim can help you take care of any financial responsibility from the accident. Your insurance company cannot cover expenses stemming from the accident if it has not been informed about the accident. Injuries from a car crash often do not surface for days, so you should report every accident to ensure medical expenses can be covered. An attorney can help protect your rights after a car accident.

[0:10] Do I need to report a car accident with no injuries/damages?
[0:14] Why is reporting a car accident to your insurance company a must?
[0:40] The importance of contacting your car insurance company as soon as you can.
[1:39] When should I have an attorney report my accident to the insurance company?

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