Are you looking to increase your treatment plan case acceptance rate? Accepting a dental treatment plan is a big decision for any patient, especially when high-value dental procedures are involved. When patients do not accept out treatment plans, oftentimes we assume that it’s because they don’t value the dental treatment or can’t afford it. The truth is, patients are looking to us dentists to be confident and clear of what they truly need.

One thing a lot of dentists overlook is the words we use when presenting treatment plans. In fact, you can immediately improve case acceptance by avoiding these four simple words….

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Are you wanting to learn how to create a successful dental practice? Are you wanting a dental marketing strategy that leads to new patients calling your practice every day to schedule consults? Then you came to the right channel. As a practicing dentist, social media strategist, author, podcaster and speaker, Dr. Anissa Holmes shows dentists exactly how to create a profitable, thriving dental practice that has motivated, inspired team members and patients who are raving fans.

On this channel, I will help you answer the following questions…
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How to get patients to come to my dental practice
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