Originally Release: August 8th, 2017

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Vital pediatric pulp therapy includes indirect pulp therapy, direct pulp therapy, and pulpotomy. Learn the clinical indications from diagnosis to treatment techniques. This recorded presentation will clearly define diagnostic criteria to determine which pulp therapy is indicated and when. Dr. Carla Cohn will outline and review vital pulp therapy procedures with a focus on treatment using a calcium silicate based material.


1. Identify primary teeth which are candidates for vital pulp therapy
2. Recognize different treatment options of vital pulp therapy
3. Understand steps for a pulpotomy procedure


Dr. Cohn graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1991. She then went on to complete a post-graduate internship in Paediatric Dentistry. Her private practice, at Kids Dental, is focused on prevention, the growth and development of a cavity free generation. Dr. Cohn is a partner, and maintains surgical privileges at Western Surgery Centre, a private surgical clinic. In addition to private practice, she is a part time clinical instructor, in Paediatric Dentistry at the College of Dentistry University of Manitoba.