Originally Released Dec 4, 2017

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This 1-hour video, Dr. Mark Malterud introduces doctors and team members to procedures that can be utilized in their offices to treat periodontal disease and to maintain gingival health. Using very intimately fitted customized delivery trays, patients can take their therapies home with them and adjunct what we do daily in our practices.


1. Learn how to identify cases that fit the protocols for tray delivery of anti-microbial solutions
2. Learn impression techniques that will help to create an exact duplicate of both hard and soft tissues for an intimate fitting tray
3. Identify clinical protocols that help patients be more effective at playing a role in the treatment of their periodontal health


Dr. Malterud has been practicing for nearly 35 years in St Paul Minnesota, focusing on comprehensive minimally invasive care for his patients. He has been teaching these techniques for over 20 years, and what he is presenting on tonight fits perfectly into his practice philosophy of care. He says that he has not found a better way of treating periodontal disease, and he can help maintain his patients oral health with the use of these customized trays.

Dr. Mark Malterud is an active member of the dental community, holding several board positions. His dedication to education brings him the opportunities to teach what he does in his practice everyday on a national level.