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The What, When, How, and Why of Current Indirect Restorative Materials, Adhesives, and Cements

As restorative materials, adhesives, and cements, continue to evolve and improve, keeping up with the latest advancements is difficult. Patients continue to have high expectations for long-term clinical success. Having an understanding and working knowledge of these materials will enable you to make sound decisions and drive that long term success. In this 2-hour live webinar, Dr. Dudney will discuss factors affecting the selection of indirect restorative materials that will satisfy the aesthetic and functional goals of the patient as conservatively as possible. Cases will be used to demonstrate the use of these materials, bonding agents, and cements in different clinical situations.

At the end of this course, you will have a sound understanding of:
1. The factors affecting material selection
2. Monolithic vs. layered restorations
3. Combining aesthetics and function with emax lithium disilicate
4. Advantages and disadvantages of full contour zirconia
5. The benefits of the new universal adhesives
6. Which cements to use when and why
7. How to treat the tooth and the restoration when conventionally cementing or adhesively bonding
8. The long term benefits of bioactive cements