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Anticipating a huge investment of time and money, many dentists do not place and restore dental implants. Others have been to training courses and purchased armamentarium that is now collecting dust because they have difficulty imparting the kind of information needed for their staffs to play a vital role in implant procedures. This course is for BOTH types of dentists. In this 2-hour video, Dr. Fraser will demystify implant dentistry and show offices how to seamlessly integrate this vital dental procedure. More importantly, this course will show how to make implant dentistry cost effective, efficient and affordable for patients.

Designed for the general dentist who has limited or no experience with dental implants, attendees will learn the importance of treatment planning, diagnostics and radiographic interpretation. This course covers procedures, such as single tooth replacement, overdentures and multiple tooth replacement in easy-to-follow, step-by-step protocols. Dr. Fraser has revolutionized this process by offering in-house, GPR-style training for the entire dental team.

1. Identify dental implant candidates
2. Explore fixed vs. removable to include crown and bridge vs implant therapy
3. Learn how to choose the appropriate case
4. Learn why CBCTs are necessary for implant success
5. Understand chairside techniques for locator overdenture delivery
6. Discuss osseointegration, bone types, and how to be successful in each