Most frequently asked questions are – What procedures can be performed with Laser?

They are, all procedures can be performed with lasers, if we can divide them into tooth procedures and gum procedures, all the teeth procedures.

For example, cavity preparation – Lasers erbium:YAG lasers or all tissue or hard tissue lasers can be used to remove the tooth decay. They can be used to remove only decayed enamel and help the tooth become caries free as well as sterilize and disinfect the remaining enamel, so that there is no decay left below the tooth. They can be used for teeth whitening or teeth bleaching. Laser is the safest and the best way to activate the bleaching agent to remove all the pigments from the tooth and help achieve a brighter tooth colour.

Lasers are amazing for soft tissue procedure because they seal all the blood vessels, kill all the bacteria from the wound and aid healing. So, all your dental procedures like tooth preparation, cavity fillings, your gum treatments, your soft tissue biopsy, exertion, bleaching can be laser assisted