3D video of Clinica Pardiñas (http://j.mp/cPardinas) about the comparison between an dental implant and a treatment with a tooth bridge.

By placing the implant in the area of the extracted tooth will help to keep the bone and soft tissues at an optimal level. In order to do a bridge it is necessary to prepare the adjacent teeth, even if they are healthy, to cement the bridge over them.

With both methods we can get good cosmetic and functional results, and sometimes, the bridge is the only solution in cases where it is not possible to place implants.

Over the time, bone due to having no stimulation, in contrast with the case of the implant, it can start to resorb, affecting aesthetics. It may also happen that if one of the pillars of the bridge suffers damage or decay and it is necessary to remove it, a new bridge will need to be made, preparing again another tooth which will act as a pillar. And so on. Aesthetically it will not be possible to solve this loss of bone and soft tissues without performing grafts previously. More dental treatments in 3D in our channel http://bit.ly/dentistry3D

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