In this weekโ€™s episode we will review some ways your dentist and orthodontist manages missing teeth. If you are a missing tooth or more, your dentist can treat that gap using dental implants, dental bridges, partial dentures, orthodontics and more. Today, we will discuss how to deal with missing teeth and single tooth replacement options. We will review the most conservative to least conservative options and how orthodontics and braces can be used to open and close space for missing teeth!

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0:00 โ€“ Letโ€™s go!
1:07 โ€“ Introduction/outline
1:42 โ€“ Implants
2:59 โ€“ Removable partial dentures
3:52 โ€“ Fixed partial dentures (bridges)
5:22 โ€“ Orthodontics
7:00 โ€“ Outro


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