This video explains the Dental Implants Procedure Step by Step and How Dental Implants are Put In?

– Dental implants, what is the process? What is the procedure? What’s you know, there are lots of questions we get daily. I’m gonna try and summarise a journey you will have as a dental implant patient, at least in our clinic. So basically, the first step is that we check your teeth. All your teeth. Before we can do a dental implant, we need to make sure that you have a healthy mouth. An unhealthy mouth is not going to be ready for an implant. You’ll have a lot of trouble.

So once you come to see us, we spend about an hour, 45 minutes, take x-rays and check all your teeth. If everything’s a thumbs up, then we concentrate on that missing tooth. So we send you for a CT scan. Now this CT scan will exactly tell us how much bone you have.

Now to make things even easier for yourself and us, we will do a scan. So in the olden days, we would take some mould. We lucky enough to have digital technology, so we will scan your mouth. With this scan, we will tie up the cone beam CT together. So this is an example where we have done the scan. Now we can see exactly how much bone you have, what size of implant and width of an implant can go in there. If we find that you don’t have enough bone, we tell you that an edit procedure of bone grafting is needed.

Sometimes, this can take the whole process to six months because you might need some major bone grafting. If everything is good and you don’t need any major grafting, we book you in, we do guided surgery. So a special guide is made, we put it in there, we put the dental implant in, stitch things back, we wait for three to four months for the implant to heal. And then you come back again, we do another scan, we send it to the lab. In two to two and a half weeks, you have a tooth, and then we screw the tooth into the dental implant, make sure everything’s fine. So if everything’s good, you can have an implant in three months. Or if we need a lot of extensive grafting, it can take anywhere from six months to a year. Sometimes, when it’s a front tooth, we are able to do an immediate dental implant. But that means is we again go through our planning, we will put the implant in. Before we put the implant in, we’ll get our lab to make a temporary crown which is already ready.

So once we put the dental implant in, we’ll screw the temporary crown on at the same time. So as you walk out, you walk out with a tooth. So that same day dentistry type thing, unfortunately, it cannot be done in all the cases; But it is available and it is possible. The other thing after the whole process is finished, all you have to do is just see your hygienist your dentist six monthly, and look after them.

How dental implants are done?