There are many factors that can influence the cost of a dental implant procedure. In this video, we share some cost-saving options, weigh the overall value of some types of procedures over others, and point out some areas where you may prefer quality over a price cut.

Each patient’s dental challenges are unique. Therefore, price estimates are not shared in this video. Call us to get a New Teeth Now cost estimate over the phone: 1-855-544-5901

Dental Implant Cost Factors:
00:00 – Intro
00:15 – 1. Geographic Location
01:02 – 2. In-House Vs. Outside Lab
02:11 – 3. Single Implants Vs. Full Arch/Mouth
04:02 – 4. Bone Grafting and Alternatives
05:16 – 5. Doctor Experience Level
06:28 – 6. Quality of Materials Used
08:58 – 7. Out of Country
09:49 – 8. General Anesthesia
11:13 – 9. All Under One Roof

We hope this video helps you to choose the right provider for your medical and financial situation.

To qualify, the New Teeth Now procedure requires medical clearance and access to a patient’s medical history.

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Dental Implants Cost Guide